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Some fun pictures of the resorts in the TOMAHAWK, WISCONSIN area from days gone by.  Photos curtesy of Dan Durand.












1926-1927 Tourist Brochure

WELCOME TO TOMAHAWK WISCONSIN With the coming hot summer months countless thousands will be turning their attention to "The North" where silvery lakes, sparkling streams, towering pines and a hundred other attractions call to those who seek the "great outdoors" for recreation and enjoyment.

No commonwealth offers as much to the vacationist as Northern Wisconsin with its system of state maintained highways. Prominent among this vast system of Highways is "Highway 10" which transverses the state from the Illinois boundary to Lake Superior on the North, piercing the very heart of the great playground and vacation land.

At the gateway to this Mecca of tourists stands Tomahawk. It is the first locality where the tourist meets the splendors of the North and where all the accommodations are offered which makes one's vacation a pleasure long to be remembered.

At the forefront of all the attractions offered by this community is Bradley Park, the finest natural park in the entire northwest. Here stands a monumental specimen of God's greatest handiwork, unmarred by human artificiality. Almost within a stone's throw of the business section of the city are these 78 acres of virgin pine, encircled by the beautiful Lake Mo-Hawk-Sin, which is formed by the Somo, Tomahawk, and Wisconsin Rivers. Here the city provides two wonderful campsites where the tourist and the camper may converse with a bit of old Wisconsin, the wonderland of Nature.

In addition to these 2 campsites, Tomahawk offers a third campsite adjacent to Highway 10 on the banks of Lake Mo-Hawk-Sin. Each campsite is maintained by the city and is under the joint supervision of the Park Board and the Tomahawk Civic and Commercial Club. The campsites are equipped with shelters, cook stoves, fire fuel, tables, wells poring forth the purest water, bathing beaches and bath houses.

For the past two years Tomahawk has conducted weekly entertainment features for the enjoyment of the tourists at Bradley park. These consist of concerts by the Tomahawk American legion band, vocal solos, quartets, as well as vaudeville features. Originating with impromptu serenades by a group of legionnaires, these concerts have become immensely popular with our summer visitors and now include the finest talent available. Many of the tourists also have exceptional ability along these lines and share their talent among the whispering pines, softened by nature's draperies.

The Tomahawk Civic and Commercial Club will maintain a complete information bureau this summer. This Bureau will be centrally located with courteous attendants in charge, competent to furnish accurate information on the highways, resorts and fishing and to give other valuable information for the benefit of the tourist.

FISHING Within the radius of ten miles from the City of Tomahawk there are 27 beautiful lakes, four rivers and countless trout streams.

GOLF One golf course with a club house in connection has now been completed: another will be ready for play by the opening of the 1926 tourist season and the third will be opened in 1927.

WATER CARNIVAL For the entertainment of our summer guests it is our plan to hold a Water carnival some time in June. This will be a big attraction with experts competing in every event. Some of the features will be motor boat, rowing and canoe races, swimming races, high and fancy diving, canoe tilting, log rolling contests, and a casting tournament. Prizes and cups will be awarded. Open Competition.



Al's Point Resort owned A. L. Hoffman on Lake Alice

 Camp Rice Point owned by Ring on Lake Nokomis.

 Crescent Park owned by Mr. and Mrs. Claude Huributt, Rhinelander, WI. On Crescent Lake.

 Deep Woods Lodge owned by Harland and Franke on the North end of the Willow Flowage.

 Dereg's Resort owned by Earl and Bee Dereg on Muskellunge Lake.

Duck Point resort owned by Paul J. Hipler on Tomahawk River.

 Echo Valley Resort owned by Orville and Esther Agnew on Lake Alice.

 Fish-A-While Camp owned by Wm. and Freda Jahsmann on Lake Alice.

 Gerdes' Pine Crest Resort owned by Gerdes on Lake Nokomis.

 Hack's Birch Bay resort owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hackbarth on Manson Lake.

 Hazy Bay Resort owned by Bob Theilman on Lake Nokomis.

 Honey Moon Resort owned by Anthony Rybarczyk on ? Lake. Heafford Junction.

Hoosier Hideout owned by ? On Lake Nokomis.

 Horsehead Resort owned by Chester Kroll on East Horsehead Lake.

Hillside resort owned by Marguerite and Gib Bachhuber on Lake Mohawksin.

Karam's Resort owned by George Karam on Lake Nokomis.

Kingfish Resort owned by ? On Lake Alice.

Lamer's Housekeeping Cottages owned by Mrs. Joseph Lamar on Half Moon Lake.

Lamar's Pine Cone Cottages owned by Veva and Herman Lamar bordering 4 lakes.

Muskellunge Lake resort owned by Nutrick and Behren on Muskellunge Lake.

Nokomis Cabins owned by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bradfish on Lake Nokomis.

Paulson's Cottages owned by Paulson on Manson Lake.

Peninsula Village owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McGuire, Rhinelander, WI. On Squash Lake.

Pine O' Nokomis owned by Mr. and Mrs. Derleth on Lake Nokomis.

Rambling Lane owned by John and Mabel Bullard on Manson Lake.

Rapel's Cottages owned by Fred Rapel on Lake Nokomis.

Red's Place owned by C. P. Schmitz on Lake Alice.

Schmidt's Clear Lake Cottages owned by J. C. Schmidt on Clear Lake.

Shorewood Resort owned by James Vlastnik on Lake Alice.

Silver Birch owned by ? On Half Moon Lake.

Sky Pine Lodge owned by H. A. Bussewitz on Lake Alice.

Spillman's Thurston Forest resort owned by E. Spillman on Lake Nokomis.

Uspel's Resort owned by Vincent Upsel on Lake Nokomis.

Walker's Nev-er-est Lodge owned by Edward Walker on Manson Lake.

Weggie's Point resort owned by Fanny and Heini Wegmann on Lake Alice.

White Pines Haven owned by ? On Lake Nokomis.

Johnson's Shady rest owned by Wm. Johnson on Manson Lake.

Phil's Resort owned by ? On Lake Nokomis.

Wurster's Edgewood resort owned by R. R. Wurster on Lake Alice

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