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Jan. Feb. March 2006 Newsletter

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Jan. Feb. March 2006

The Page's Webmaster

Hello! My name is Dawn Durbin and I am the Webmaster of www.tomahawkpioneers.50megs.com. It has long been my dream to preserve the genealogy of our town, Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

I have sucessfully recovered from my surgery and am in the middle of Chemo therapy. Life is good and going well. I am starting back the bi-weekly newsletter and will soon change the pages on the site.




I will check all applications for completeness and catalogue. At the beginning of each year they will be sent to the Tomahawk Wisconsin Library so other researchers will have access to the data.

I am proud to say that I have accumulated more than a few applications. There are 30 people on the mailing list.

Applications are in the process of being reviewed and copied. They will be sent by the end of May 2006 to the Tomahawk, Wisconsin Public Library. This will be done on a yearly basis. Copies will also be retained by myself for back-up purposes.

I encourage all of you to complete your applications so you can be part of this process and preserve our family histories.



Dawn Nash Durbin + Ancestor Surnames:   August Zastrow,  John Oelhafen, Anna (Oelhafen) Zastrow.

Judy Leggett + Ancestor Surnames:  Louis and Henrietta (Miller) Hildebrand,  Joseph and Delphine Leveille, Delia (Leveille) L'Abbe, Walter Hansen.

Hugh Foster + Ancestor Names: John Oelhafen, August Zastrow, Herman Foster, Lillian Zastrow.

Gail Rotz + Ancestor Names: John Oelhafen, August Zastrow, Herman Foster, Lillian Zastrow.

Jennifer Rotz + Ancestor Names: John Oelhafen, August Zastrow, Herman Foster, Lillian Zastrow.

Marie Grimes + Ancestor Names: Josephine Allard, Loftus, Olson, Wells, Gladfelter.

Phillip Dibb + Ancestor Names: Angus Buie, McMillian.

Tom Chatt on behalf of George Scheideman + Ancestor Names: Elmer Slater , Lytle, Litten.

Robert Welty + Orrick Welty( O.K. Welty, SR.)Ancestor Names: Turner, Kapplin.

Gordon E. Lovsletten +Ancestor Names: Benjamin W. Tripp, Metcalf, Tellor.

Donna J. Schleicher+ Ancestor Names: Frank Lord Sawdy, Ann Christianson, Goldie Moffit, Beatrice Wright, Mike Fardy, Edward Kaphaem, John Olsen, Carl Klein, Donald Schleicher.

Karen A. Arnott(Yockey) + Charles A. Seidle, Brookman, Urbam, Virchow, Gahan.



Please feel free to email me with any ideas you may have to help promote the PIONEER SOCIETY of Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Pioneer picnic 4th of July? 

Yesteryear activities and promotion?


Tomahawk Library ready for input and questions. Sample forms at Library.

Flyers sent to Tomahawk  Library.

5/2004 Linked to Lincoln county Rootsweb Page.

5/2004 Introduced at North Pines Genealogy Group.

5/2004 Information sent to Central Wisconsin Digital Project.

5/2004 Information sent to T.B. Scott Library Merrill, Wisconsin.

5/2004 Linked to Tomahawk Library page.

6/6/2004 Flyers in local Tomahawk stores.

6/12/2004 Site linked with Google search engine.


8/1/2004 Weekly-Biweekly mailing list iniatated.

4/2005 Flyers at Tomahawk Reunion Laughlin, Hevada.

5/15/2005 Records catagorized for Tomahawk Library Mailing.

5/26/2005 records mailed to Tomahawk, Wisconsin Public Library.




Please email me for application forms!

Questions? Comments?

My email address. Click this link!

Thank you for visiting.